Following the completion of Bronze Camp, here is the Patrol Roster for Period B and C.

  • Rostered Patrols in Period B and C run on weekends and public holidays. You must attend rostered patrols however you are encouraged to attend as many non-rostered patrols as you please!
  • Period B commences Boxing Day and runs through to Australia Day. Period C will then run for the remainder of the season, from Australia Day to the last rostered patrol.
  • Labour Day, Easter Monday and Last Patrol have all patrols rostered on these days.


I have attached 2 documents

  1. An Adobe PDF outlining an overview of the Patrol Season with the times and dates allocated for each patrol team and
  2. an Excel Document which lists the members of each patrol team in isolation with the dates and times for rostered patrols.
  3. There is also an excel sheet containing the contact details of each member in every patrol team so substitutes and alternative patrol arrangements can be made.


  • Please allow 30 minutes either side of stated patrol times for set up/pack up
    • Eg 10.30 AM - 4.30 PM = 10 AM set up and 5 PM finish
  • If you cannot make your rostered patrol, you must tell your patrol captain and find a substitute from another patrol.
    • ensure your substitute holds an equal or greater award to fill your patrol (Eg. bronze with bronze or SRC with bronze)

If you have any queries about patrols, beach operations and/or if I have made errors on the patrol rosters, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Email –

Looking forward to a great summer on the beach!

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