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surf racing on Friday, 14 January 2022. 

In just its second year of competition, the Super Surf Teams League is a team-based competition that will see 12 teams from four states compete in both individual and team events across sand and water over three rounds. 

The competition will act as curtain raiser to the Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series and is an important development pathway for surf sports athletes.    

Athletes will accumulate points for their team across 14 events, the team with the overall highest point score after the three rounds will be crowned the Super Surf Teams League champions for 2022.  

COVID-19 restrictions has prevented the Scarborough Sunsets from Western Australia returning to defend their title from 2020 which saw 13 teams from five states compete in the inaugural competition. 

In 2022, 12 teams from New South Wales (5), Queensland (4), Victoria (2) and South Australia (1) made up of eight competitors (4 females and 4 males) will battle it out across 14 ocean and beach events. 

The Mixed Ocean Relay which sees two male and two female participants compete in a swim, board, ski and run relay against other teams, is the pinnacle event of the competition and is one of three formats that has been presented to the International Olympic Committee, by the International Life Saving Federation, as part of a bid for inclusion in the 2032 Summer Olympic Games in Brisbane. Ocean Man (Ironman) and Ocean Woman (Ironwoman) are the other two formats that form part of the three event Olympic bid for surf sports. 

Surf Life Saving Australia’s national Sport Manager Wayne Druery said that it was exciting to have the Super Surf Teams League back for its second year after the inaugural competition in 2019/20.  

“We are thrilled to have the Super Surf Teams League back again as a curtain raiser to the Nutri-grain IronMan and IronWoman Series in 2022 following the cancellation last year due to COVID-19,” said Druery. “This team-based competition showcases a range of events and formats and provides an opportunity for a variety of athletes, across a variety of disciplines in surf sports. 

“Along with Nutri-Grain Next-Gen Series, the Super Surf Teams League is a pathway and development opportunity which is a key priority for Surf Life Saving Australia.”   

The Super Surf Teams League broadcast will be aired on Channel 9GO! on Sunday 13 February from 12-2PM. 

Super Surf Team League 2022 dates and location: 

  • Round 1 – Friday 14 January, North Bondi, Sydney – 8:30-11:00AM AEDT 
  • Round 2 – Saturday 15 January, North Bondi, Sydney – 7:30-10:00AM AEDT 
  • Round 3 – Sunday 16 January, North Bondi, Sydney – 8:30-11:00AM AEDT 


2022 Super Surf Teams League team lists: 

New South Wales –  

Alex Rampoldi  NSW Sharks F Beach  Leah Rampoldi NSW Rays F Beach 
Emily Maythers NSW Sharks F Swim  Sarah Locke  NSW Rays F Swim 
Georgia Singleton  NSW Sharks F Board  Zara Foran  NSW Rays F Board 
Taylor Puskaric  NSW Sharks F Ski  Eliza Johnson  NSW Rays F Ski 
Luke Avati  NSW Sharks M Beach  Ace Haslam   NSW Rays M Beach 
Nick Middleton NSW Sharks M Swim   Jarrod Poort NSW Rays M Swim  
Hayden Copping  NSW Sharks M Board  Saxon Coates  NSW Rays M Board 
Bailey Clues  NSW Sharks M Ski  Josh Murphy  NSW Rays M Ski 
Competitor State Team Gender Discipline  Competitor State Team Gender Discipline 
Emelyn Wheeler  NSW Orcas F Beach  Lucy Flanagan NSW Dolphins F Beach 
      Zara Sharman  NSW Dolphins F Swim 
Maisie Miller  NSW Orcas F Board  Emily Doyle  NSW Dolphins F Board 
Piper Harrison  NSW Orcas F Ski  Sascha Taurins  NSW Dolphins F Ski 
Sasha Popovic  NSW Orcas M Beach  Josh Tattam  NSW Dolphins M Beach 
Ned Weiland  NSW Orcas M Swim   Noah Steiner  NSW Dolphins M Swim  
Mitch Morris  NSW Orcas M Board  Harrison Stone NSW Dolphins M Board 
Lachlan Galea Stacker NSW Orcas M Ski  Jake Morris  NSW Dolphins M Ski 


Competitor State Team Gender Discipline 
Bailee Radford   NSW Penguins F Beach 
Isabella Campbell  NSW Penguins F Swim 
Elyssa Pierce  NSW Penguins F Board 
Jasmine Locke  NSW Penguins F Ski 
Ashton Neall NSW Penguins M Beach 
Nathan Jay NSW Penguins M Swim  
Charlie Verco NSW Penguins M Board 
Nathan Neale  NSW Penguins M Ski 


Queensland Teams: 

Competitor Name State Team Gender Discipline  Competitor State Team Gender Discipline 
Chelsea Lane QLD Seawolves F Beach  Tahli Devine  QLD Makos F Beach 
Charlotte Cross  QLD Seawolves F Swim  Jasmine Rawyward QLD Makos F Swim 
Courtney Bryant QLD Seawolves F Board  Brodee Trinca  QLD Makos F Board 
Ruby Meehan QLD Seawolves F Ski  Brigette Nolle  QLD Makos F Ski 
Fraser Toon QLD Seawolves M Beach  Jason Gough  QLD Makos M Beach 
Callum Brennan  QLD Seawolves M Swim   Riley Brennan  QLD Makos M Swim  
Joel Engel QLD Seawolves M Board  Texas Dixon QLD Makos M Board 
Joel Piper  QLD Seawolves M Ski  Kaan Karadag  QLD Makos M Ski 


Competitor Name State Team Gender Discipline  Competitor State Team Gender Discipline 
Kiara Rychvalsky  QLD Marlins F Beach  Tahlia Sunderland QLD Canecutters F Beach 
Abbie Tolano  QLD Marlins F Swim  Yve Warren QLD Canecutters F Swim 
Olivia Heaton QLD Marlins F Board  Rebecca Barron  QLD Canecutters F Board 
Alexandra Clarke  QLD Marlins F Ski  Dominique Stitt QLD Canecutters F Ski 
Kai Thompson  QLD Marlins M Beach  Brandon McMahon QLD Canecutters M Beach 
Matthew Palmer QLD Marlins M Swim   Matthew Magnussen QLD Canecutters M Swim  
Campbell Guthrie QLD Marlins M Board  Mitchell Stitt  QLD Canecutters M Board 
Jett Kenny  QLD Marlins M Ski  James Porter  QLD Canecutters M Ski 



Competitor Name State Team Gender Discipline  Competitor Name State Team Gender Discipline 
Mia Spencer VIC Blues F Beach  Jessica Jackson VIC White F Beach 
Paige Holt  VIC Blues F Swim  Stephanie Reade VIC White F Swim 
Mia Cook VIC Blues F Board  Puck Klassen VIC White F Board 
Maddy Hurst  VIC Blues F Ski  Logan Phillip VIC White M Ski 
Jack Wolff VIC Blues M Beach  Saxon Davidson VIC White M Beach 
Iestyn Knapp VIC Blues M Swim   Xavier Purcell VIC White M Swim  
Ben Harris  VIC Blues M Board  Gabe Cornwell VIC White M Board 
Ben Walker VIC Blues M Ski  Jayden Schram  VIC White M Ski 


South Australia: 

Competitor Name State Team Gender Discipline 
Jordan McMillan SA Reds F Beach 
Hannah Deacon SA Reds F Swim 
Kayla Roe SA Reds F Board 
Chelsea Jentz SA Reds F Ski 
Cooper Williams SA Reds M Beach 
Clancy Luscombe SA Reds M Swim  
Cooper Bristow  SA Reds M Board 
Tom May  SA Reds M Ski 



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