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to take out the triple Ironman crown in the same year having won the Nutri-Grain Grain Ironman, Australian Ironman crown and now the Coolangatta Gold crown all in 2021.

Day’s return to Ironman racing in 2021 is nothing short of spectacular, achieving what no other Ironman has done before taking the triple crowns in the same 12 months and joining Ironman legends Darren Mercer and Zane Holmes as the only men to take all three titles.

Battled across 41.8km and three hours and 52 minutes, Day never looked in doubt to take out the title, finishing an impressive five minutes ahead of second place and leading throughout the entire race.

This was his first Coolangatta Gold win as a dad, crossing the line with his son Danny in his arms.

“They’re all special – but today, that one was for Kel and Danny that’s for sure,” smiled a beaming Day, who stopped along the final run leg to hug family and high five friends.

“It seems easy to just go out and do that, but there’s a massive team of people that have worked so hard to get me here and support me. I felt that this morning, and that came over like a wave of calmness.

“I knew the ski was going to be tough because there wasn’t that much assistance… it was just going to come down to a swim. I just had to put my head down, and I knew once I found clear water I’d be okay.

“I just wanted to come down here and prove to myself that I could race almost the perfect race and not be shaken by anyone. Those guys put up a tremendous effort, they really challenged me on the ski.

“There were worries that I’d lost that spark, and that I’d lost that feeling of being able to go for four hours. That’s what today was about, I wanted to show myself that I could go the full distance,” said Day.

Day set the pace from the outset and had clear water between himself and the chase pack. The real battle was for the minor placings, with Northcliffe team mates Cory Taylor and Matt Bevilacqua going toe to toe.

Day, Taylor and Bevilacqua will return at the start of the next year for their next challenge in the Nutri-Grain Ironman Series which will kick off on 14-16 January 2022 at Bondi beach.


  1. Ali Day (Surfers Paradise) – 03:52:12 hours
  2. Cory Taylor (Northcliffe) – 03:57:36 hours
  3. Matt Bevilacqua (Northcliffe) – 03:58:28 hours
  4. Taddy McDonnell (Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park) – 04:01:19 hours
  5. Joe Collins (Northcliffe) – 04:06:48 hours
  6. Tom May (Seacliff) – 04:10:29 hours
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