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allsurf lifesavers.

SLSA recognises theongoing contribution of our trainers, assessors and educators in maintainingthe high quality of education standards throughout Australia and that of ourmembers and clubs in delivering a wide range of community education programs.

Trainer ofthe Year – Bernadette Flint, Mullaloo SLSC, WA

Trainer of the Year award recognises and rewardstrainers who have made a significant contribution towards the area of educationand awards.

Bernadette’s commitment toMullaloo and neighbouring club, Yanchep is shown through her training andskills development of others. Implementinga Youth Trainers program, mentoring fellow members allowing them to follow atraining pathway and offering the wider community first aid and CPR are just afew of the many initiatives Bernadette has been involved with. Travelling to Bali with the MullalooEducation team for the past five years, she has gained her InternationalTrainers and Assessors Certificates with ILS.

Assessor ofthe Year – Graham Sharpe, Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC, WA

Assessorof the Year award recognises and rewards assessors who have made a significantcontribution towards the area of education.

Graham’s excellence inassessing is demonstrated by consistently acting as an Assessor in Charge atassessments across the entire SLS suite of courses including: bronze, silverand gold medallion, emergency care and powercraft. The first person to put his hand up whenthere is a need to organise an assessor in a short period of time. Graham recognises leadership involvesdevelopment of people and continues to mentor trainers, assessors andfacilitators at Swanbourne Nedlands and others along the WA coastline.Continued service since the 2003/04 season, Graham has an impressive 138 surflifesaving awards many of which relate to education, training and assessment.

CommunityEducation Program of the Year – Multicultural Surf & Beach Safety Program, FremantleSLSC, WA

TheCommunity Education Program of the Year recognises members and clubs who havemade an outstanding contribution to the delivery and development of communityeducation programs to develop community resilience.

Fremantle was approached bythe Fremantle Multicultural Centre in 2014 to conduct a beach safety sessionfor newly arrived migrants. Manyimmigrants with limited English came from countries with no familiarity of abeach environment. The program has developed over the past five years changingthe lives of the participants and providing water awareness and confidence. Anunexpected impact has been on younger Fremantle members, keen to demonstratetheir lifesaving skills, they enthusiastically became the ‘leaders’ of thewater program. They have also learned ofthe hardships and journeys of the students, whilst embracing differentcultures.

Innovation ofthe Year – Australian Defence Force (ADF) Pilot Bronze Medallion Course, NorthBondi, NSW

Theinnovation award is given in recognition of any development of equipment,procedures, or other initiatives that will improve any facet of Surf LifeSaving Australia.

Former North Bondi PresidentMark Cotter became aware of the issues ADF members faced transitioning fromservice to civilian life. Seeking advicefrom Vet Sports Australia and commissioned Officers at Victoria Barracks, theADF Pilot Bronze Course was conceived. Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators from North Bondi and Brontecollaborated to focus on identifying participants existing skill sets andemergency response techniques. The course was fast tracked as a result andparticipants quickly became rescue ready for the beach environment. The impactof the program has been extremely positive for each of the candidates, creatinga sense of camaraderie and new networks outside of the ADF. It is envisaged this initiative will helpsuicide prevention within the veteran community by providing the missing linksome ADF members face when leaving the service.

Congratulations to all our SLSA Education Award winners for 2020.

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