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Hendy aboutfatherhood and winning an Aussie title with son TJ Hendy, who says it was oneof the most special races of his life.

“The one that standsout for me by a long shot was winning the Australian Board Rescue with TJ fiveyears ago as a 46-year-old,” Trevor said on the 2015 Australian title.

“I don’t know if I’dcall it a team event, I’d call it a family event.

“That’s just far andaway ahead of any Ironman race I ever won or anything else, it was such abeautiful, profoundly humbling experience to find our way to click on the dayand to create that.”

Trevorrecalled that he trained hard for eight weeks prior to the 2015 Aussies sayingthat his goal was to get to TJ at the cans and pic him up as quickly aspossible.

“When I goton the board it was just like no one else existed… my mission for eight weekstraining was just to get out there and pick him up as fast as I could… I tappedinto some special little power,” Trevor said of the start of the race.

“I rememberthe words forming in my mouth as a little run formed with TJ on the front… ‘goright TJ’ and before I could say it, he titled his chest and tipped us right.

“And in thatmoment I had this very thought, ‘you’ve done it, your son knows what to do it’snot your job anymore to tell him what to do, let him take you home’ and so forevery move I just mimicked him.”

Trevor and TJpadded there way from eighth to second and at the last moment ran ahead of theManly pair to take out first place and TJ’s first ever Aussies Gold medal.

“It was thisridiculous feeling because it didn’t happen till it happened, it felt like itwas never meant to happen, but it felt like was totally meant to happen,” Trevorsaid.

“It hadnothing to do with perfection because we messed it up, and it had everything todo with connection.

“It was likea completion for me from a life long journey that my dad had started a longtime before that to be brave enough to be yourself and follow your dreams andnow my son was doing it, and that was his first gold medal.”

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