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receive their Bronze Medallion in1980.

First up we head to Maroochydore on the SunshineCoast to chat to former World and Australian Ironwoman Champion Kerri Thomas, thenwe head to Portsea in Victoria to chat to the first female Surf Life Saver ofthe Year Dr Natalie Hood. We then finish up on the Far North Coast of NSW andchat to Jenny Kenny, one of the first ladies to receive a Bronze Medallion in1980 and a female leader in surf sport officiating.

We chat to Australian and World IronwomanChampion Kerri Thomas about back to back Aussie Ironwoman titles in 1998 and1999, and the introduction of the ski leg into Australian Ironwoman racing in1999.

“There was possibly two or three races that I should’ve won, but these random things would just happen,” Kerri said of her much anticipated Australian Ironwoman titles.

“I often look back now and think did thosethings happen to keep me going to make sure the sport did eventually get theski leg in, and that I was proactive and supporting that happening.”

Dr Natalie Hood from Portsea SLSC in Victoria talks to us about herjourney from Nipper to the first female Surf Life Saver of the year as well asher competition days and her time as an Olympian.

“I’d finished medicine by the time I became an elite athlete… Igraduated medicine in 1990 and it was a bit of a juggle for the first fewyears,” Dr Hood said of balancing work as a Doctor and training as an Olympicathlete.

“You’re hospital based and trying to study and paddle and do night dutyand then finish night duty at eight o’clock in the morning and then go and tryand train.

“I’d be out paddling, being on call and trying to paddle with a pager ina plastic bag in your boat.”

Finally, Jenny Kenny talks about what it was like to be apart of one of the first Bronze squads in Tasmania and her journey through Surf Life Saving over the past 40 years.

“There was five of us in the squad, we all played water polo together, one of them was pregnant at the time, so there was sort of six girls in the squad,” Jenny said of the first female Bronze squad at her original surf club, Carlton Park SLSC.

“We trained so hard…with the reel,line and belt we were not so confident as belt swimmers in those days so we dida lot of training and a lot of drills on the beach and it was freezing.”

“It was really tough pulling that beltbut at least we were used to swimming.

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