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surf lifesaving from Nipper at Fingal Beach to her passionin the Support Operations crew for Surf Life Saving Sydney Branch as a WestpacLife Saver Rescue Drone Pilot.

“I started as from under sixes, when I started as a littleNipper, Dad decided that I needed to join Surf Life Saving,” Brittaney says of herfirst introduction to surf lifesaving.

“From there I became involved in competition… and really fell inlove with the sport and originally started as a competitor.

“And then I really found my passion for support operations andeverything really outside of the competition world when I moved to North Bondiand became involved with Sydney Branch.”

Not only is Brittaney a surf sportscompetitor, volunteer surf lifesaver and part of the SLS Sydney Branch SupportOperations team but she is also an emergency paediatric nurse and currentlystudying to become a qualified paramedic.

“I now work in emergency and one of the biggest things that surflifesaving has taught me is managing myself, caring for myself and alsomanaging in stressful situations,” Banks said.

“Something I wasn’t prepared for when I finished university andwhat they really can’t prepare you for is the real world and surf lifesavingallowed me to see parts of what the real world was like.

“Moving into full time work and having an outlet in surflifesaving…having that outlet on the weekends or in the afternoon just to goand ski paddle was something that’s really helped me out.”

As one ofthe drone pilots for the SLS Sydney Branch Support Operations, Brittaney hasexperienced how effective the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Drones program is insearch and rescue scenarios and recalls a recent rescue off the cliffs of BondiBeach.

“We were searching for a missingperson that had left their identification at the bottom of the cliff,” Bankssaid of the recent Support Operations mission.

“We did a big search with police divers, lifeguards at Bondi,obviously surf lifesaving duty officer’s teams, Surf Rescue 30 and the jet ski,just to assist and support those operations with looking in close to thosecliffs

“What we identified and a lot of people with us identified washow useful the drones were at really getting in close to the cliff edges andidentifying if there was something or someone there that we could be searchingfor that previously we haven’t had that the access too.”

If you orsomeone you know would like to become involved in the Westpac Life Saver RescueDrone program, please get in contact with your local branch, State or Territoryfor more information.

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