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in positions of leadership in Surf Life Saving.

The new leadership program created bySLSA aims to support and encourage confident, strong and skilled femalerepresentation within SLS, to strengthen leadership skills, and identify, anddevelop the next generation of female leaders to position SLS for the future.

SLSA Life Member, IndependentDirector on the SLSA Board and Chair of Surf Sports Australia, Suzanne Storrie, is involvedin the newinitiative and said that there is nothing more satisfying than seeing someoneyou have mentored succeed.

“My mentors asked “why not?”, believed in mewhen I didn’t believe in myself and helped me navigate and map a course for mylife,” Storrie said about her own experience and passion for mentoring.

“When I think of the mentors and sponsors Ihave had, I think of people who have encouraged me to aim higher, be bolder andwho saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself. Their encouragement andconfidence propelled me into roles and experiences that set me up for bigger rolesand contributions. Without them, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I do today.”

The Program will promote women within SLS,facilitating empowerment, support and leadership skills which can be applied totheir paid roles inside and outside of SLS, volunteer activities and everydaylife.

The Program will promote ongoing supportedpathways of personal and professional development as well as networkingopportunities. Each mentee will be selected based on demonstrated leadershipabilities and their potential and willingness to develop further in this areaand move into leadership positions.

“Mentoring is a gift. For the mentorit is an opportunity to see the world and its challenges through another’s eyesand to provide challenge, advice and encouragement and to revel in the successof others. For the mentee, it is a gift of growth;having someone in your corner who offers a different perspective and sharestheir experience and who is committed to your success, however you defineit,” added Suzanne.

“Mentors, formal and informal, have challengedme and inspired me to create the life I want to have. They’ve reminded me Ihave choices, helped me to set goals and shared different perspectives thathave guided me through many challenges.

I wished I had understood their true value earlier inmy life and career!”

If you or someone you knowwould like to strengthen their leadership skills or become a mentor and fosterthis in other young females, make sure to fill out the onlineapplication forms below.

Nominations are now open and willclose on Monday June 15, 2020.

Mentor expressionof interest form click here

Mentee expression of interest form click here

For more information on the programhead to Circular 65 19-20 Female Mentoring Program in the DocumentLibrary on the Members Portalclick here.

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