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After three days of competition at North Beach in Durban, South Africa the Australian Life Saving Team has walked away with three trophies and a clean sweep of the International Surf Rescue Challenge, the Trans-Tasman Test and the Tri-Nations Test.

Australia relished in the conditions at North Beach and reinforced why they are the surf life saving team to beat.

Only dropping points in two races on day three, the ALT got off to a cracking start to take home the 2019 International Surf Rescue Challenge.

ALT debutant Hayden Cotter and Nutri-Grain IronMan Kendrick Louis placed first and second in the Surf Race, with Prue Davies securing Silver in the Female Surf Race.

New Zealand Nutri-Grain IronMen Cory Taylor and Max Beattie were hot on the heels of Kendrick Louis in the Iron Ocean M format, but Louis dashed ahead of the Kiwis for the Gold.

Nutri-Grain IronWoman champion Georgia Miller flexed her Iron skills as she took out the female Ocean M format ahead of Kiwi Olivia Corrin, with fellow Aussie teammate Harriet Brown coming in third.

A super specialist team of Georgia Miller, Harriet Brown, Hayden Cotter, Lizzie Welborn and Riley Fitzsimmons put in a clinical performance to seal the Gold in the Ocean Lifesaver Relay (Taplin).

Max Brooks battled back to take the Gold in the Board Rescue with fellow Newport teammate Lizzie Welborn.

Australian Life Saving Team Captain and Nutri-Grain IronWoman Champion Harriet Brown said that the three days had been incredible for the whole Aussie squad.

“We brought a really diverse squad with a number of specialists in all the various disciplines and we have had an absolute ball here in South Africa,” she said.

While the tricky conditions threatened to topple the Australian squad’s dominance on day two, Brown was pleased that her team were able to keep a stranglehold on the competition and the building pressure from New Zealand and South African rivals.

“We actually do love the pressure because it makes the racing so much more exciting,” she said.

“Obviously it’s great to win, but to see New Zealand and South Africa competing so well it makes it that much better for the sport.”

The Australian Youth Life Saving team had a clean sweep of their rivals in all three tests, with the team’s success due to a balanced skill set.

The Youth team shone on the sand as Bella Walker and Sam Zustovich overcame nasty knocks and appeals to clean up the competition with four Golds from four in the Beach Sprints and Beach Flags in Test Three.

Taylah Halliday and Kaan Karadag put in the hard yards for their spectacular wins in the Iron Ocean M formats and backed up with a gold in the Ocean Lifesaver Relay (Taplin) with fellow teammates Adam Palmer, Emma Woods, Joseph McMenamin and Zach Morris.

The Aussie youngsters only dropped points in two races in the third test and secured a 45-point lead over closest rivals New Zealand.

Australia has retained the Trans-Tasman Challenge Trophy against New Zealand and has held onto the Tri-Nations Trophy against New Zealand and South Africa.

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International Surf Rescue Challenge – Overall point score

PlaceNationPoint score
1Australia311 (116, 73, 122)
2New Zealand285 (105, 72, 108)
3South Africa219 (75, 59, 85)
4United States of America161 (57, 40, 64)
5Japan124 (46, 35, 43)
6Spain114 (40, 34, 40)

International Surf Rescue Challenge – Overall point score

PlaceNationPoint score
1Australia273 (90, 77, 106)
2New Zealand228 (82, 64, 82)
3South Africa167 (75, 56, 74)
4United State of America98 (36, 26, 36)
5Spain82 (28, 24, 30)
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