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and Tri-Nations Trophies.

Australia sits on top of both the Opens and Youth competition ladder, with the Opens team beating rivals New Zealand by just one point to retain the Trans-Tasman Challenge Trophy as well as the Tri-Nations Trophy.

Water events were cancelled shortly after lunch due to big swell, which left the Aussies under pressure to beat the Kiwis in both the male and female flag events in order to win Test Two.

Bree Masters won the gold medal for Australia, while male teammate Blake Drysdale came away with silver in the male flags ahead of New Zealand in third, securing their team a one-point win over the Kiwis.

Due to competition being called off after lunch, the ALT didn’t compete in flagship events like Iron racing or the Oceanman and Oceanwoman formats, however stood out in a number of other events.

Sunshine Coast local Hayden Cotter has once again proven his strength as an open-water swimmer as he made a splash in his ALT debut across Surf Race and Rescue Tube Rescue events in Test Two.

World lifesaving record holder Prue Davies led the charge for the Aussies in the Surf Teams event when she was the first out of the water in a race that was balanced with 12 males and 12 females.

Prue was followed by her Aussie teammates Hayden Cotter, Ben Carberry and Harriet Brown who dominated the Surf Teams race in big swell after all finishing in the top six.

Hayden Cotter and Kendrick Louis took home gold in the Rescue Tube Rescue and followed it up with a Gold and Silver for Australia in the Surf Race.

Nutri-Grain IronWomen Lizzie Welborn and Georgia Miller put their rescue ready skills to the test in tricky conditions as they came away with a Gold medal in the female Board Rescue.

Lizzie, Georgia and Olympian Aly Bull were led to victory by Aussie beach Sprinting champion Bree Masters in the Female Beach Relay.

Bree Masters also played a crucial part in winning the Trans-Tasman Challenge Trophy and the Tri-Nations Test for her Aussie team after she took out Gold in both the Female Beach Sprint and Beach Flags events.

Legendary Ironman and ALT coach Shannon Eckstein said that the team were being put to the test by both the conditions and the strength of the Kiwis.

“It’s pretty tricky conditions out here, but in saying that most of our guys are from the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and we experience these types of conditions all the time,” he said.

“Yesterday was a great day, but New Zealand really fought hard today, and it’s pretty tight.”

Eckstein said the Youth team performed well in huge swell, which later saw the competition called off.

“The skills that they’ve developed, when you’re young in Australia, you do nippers and you experience these conditions from 8 years-old right up until where they are now,” Eckstein said.

“They’re experienced in this stuff and you can see that out there.”

Adam Palmer won the Youth Male Ski Race with Kaan Karadag coming in third, as he finished the race backwards on his ski.

The Sara Tazaki and Taylah Halliday dominated the Youth Female Surf Race with a Gold and Silver medal finish, while Phoebe Wills-Grace and Ruby Nolan paddled well in the Ski race.

Australia has retained the Trans-Tasman Challenge Trophy against New Zealand and has held onto the Tri-Nations Trophy against New Zealand and South Africa.

The International Surf Rescue Competition continues on Tuesday 1 October ahead of adverse weather conditions predicted for Durban on Wednesday.

For a list of full results head to

International Surf Rescue Challenge – Open Competition Test Two

PlaceNationPoint score
2New Zealand72
3South Africa59
4United States of America40

International Surf Rescue Challenge – Youth Competition Test Two

PlaceNationPoint score
2New Zealand64
3South Africa56
4United States of America26
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