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ocean swim races all over Australia and every single time I finish, I feel determined to start organising my next swim.

Swimming in the ocean is the closest connection you can have with the sea, a feeling you will never forget and a feeling you will want in your life every single day. Here are a few tips that any athlete should know, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced ocean swimmer, to help you prepare for your big swim.

The preparation

The lead up to the event is just as important as the day itself. Keeping a close eye on rest, hydration, nutrition & recovery are all key factors in helping you perform at your highest on the day.

Check in with your physio and doctor and consider building in a weekly massage and ice/hot baths as part of your recovery regime.

Fueling your body

When fueling your body for a big swim it really starts the week before. Making sure you load up on plenty of good fruit, vegetables, meat, rice, pasta and hydrate throughout the whole week. On race morning, make sure you are up nice and early so you can have time to eat breakfast. I would suggest a meal that you have tried in training that will sit well in your tummy, something that is light and will fuel you for your race. I also like to have a gel about 30 minutes before racing for extra carbohydrates and sugar.

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