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a big swim to be fully prepared.

As you start the final countdown, inevitably you’ll start to experience some nerves. Take these race day tips to not only perform at your best, but also get the most enjoyment out of your swim.

Warm up

Warming up your body before you start will ensure you are ready to go right from the gun.

An easy swim of about 5-10 minutes should warm up your body followed by 5-10 reps of 15 stroke sprints will fire up your heart rate so your body won’t go into shock when you expect it to go fast right from the start. I also like to spend 30 minutes stretching and breathing. I feel this helps my mind and body relax and puts me into a headspace where I need to be before swimming.

The Swim

Every time you are lucky enough to spend time in the ocean, respect it and love it for all that it is.

There is always a sense of relaxation and connection with the water so take this into your race and love every minute of joy and hurt you experience as this is all part of racing. Be smart, look for people in front of you to swim in their feet, read the ocean for rips for a quicker route out, ensure your goggles are set tight so there is no leakage, find the rhythm that suits you and don’t get too focused on people around you. Most of all have confidence in the preparation you have done.

Good luck and enjoy your swim!

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