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course resources to support it. The SLSA Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue 35th Edition training manual will be available in a mobile application format for you to always have the latest version available at your fingertips.

The new course design will take a blended learning approach and incorporates feedback received from the membership, notably recent course participants and patrol captains. A few things to get excited about include:

  • greater distinction between and a more streamlined transition from the SRC to the BM to avoid repetition and reduce course time;
  • greater recognition of prior learning to acknowledge the skills, knowledge, and experience which many members bring to a surf lifesaving club;
  • more on-the-job training to help new members gain more confidence, better understand their role as a lifesaver, and ultimately perform their patrol duties more effectively;
  • a new fun and engaging online, self-paced and face-to-face learning opportunity, providing a more motivating, social and flexible training environment;
  • nationally recognised qualifications embedded within the SRC to help members further their lifesaving careers, while also upskilling the Australian community between and beyond the flags;
  • more paperless, time-efficient and mobile friendly assessments that are also available to trainers and assessors.

The course has been designed with many factors in mind – with a focus on making life easier for our members, while providing more modern and engaging learning experiences which follow best practice guidelines and can be delivered in various formats. The new resources will open up more opportunities to train alongside members from other surf lifesaving clubs and for seasoned members to participate in more ongoing training and personal development.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback in this process, and we look forward to receiving your feedback ongoing as together we continue to strive towards saving lives, creating great Australians and building better communities.

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