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the weekend the Aussies will be looking to capture their seventh straight victory over New Zealand.

3.5m-4.5m swells are expected to hit the Bay of Plenty toward the end of this weekend but the Australian Surf Boat Team will be prepared for anything when they hit the shores of New Zealand tomorrow.

Looking to continue a strong run of form for the Australian Surf Boat Team in 2019 will be the Avoca Beach Open Male crew who will be returning to the beach where they were victorious two years ago under Richard Brierty.

For the Open Women, BMD Northcliffe, swept by Damien Clayphan, will make their debut in the green & gold following a resounding performance at the recent selection trial held in Lorne. “To represent your country is the pinnacle of any sport and to do it with our current crew, also being National Champions, makes it all the more rewarding for all the hard work and sacrifices made along the way” Clayphan stated.

The Northcliffe crew were able to beat out 2018 Australian representatives Elouera, and 2018 Interclub World Champions Lorne in a hotly contested final three races. Clayphan added “Whether we end up racing in the surf or on flat wate, with some big swells coming in, we will be ready for anything. I’m sure when the national anthem is playing we will have tingles down our spine and be extra motivated to get the job done.”

Team manager Greg Heard added, “the Australian Surf Boat Team is extremely excited to be heading over to New Zealand. All the crews have been training very hard and the results have certainly been there. We saw the Avoca Beach crew take out Ocean Thunder last weekend and are keen to keep their winning record intact against the Kiwis from two years ago. We always see extremely tough crews come out of New Zealand and really challenge us and 2019 will be no different. It will no doubt be some really exciting racing.”

North Cronulla’s strength in surf boat racing is again on show in 2019 with both U23 Male and U23 Female crews representing their country. It will be the third year the club has put forward a U23 male crew on the national stage and the second consecutive for Mark McDonald’s crew.

The Trans-Tasman Test will kick off with an opening ceremony from 10:30am (NZDT) Saturday 9th Feb from Waihi Beach.

Australian Surf Boat Team 2019

First Name Last NameSLS Club
RachelClayphanBMD Northcliffe
JenniferDavisBMD Northcliffe
ShannonGrimseyBMD Northcliffe
PenelopeHamiltonBMD Northcliffe
DamienClayphanBMD Northcliffe
DukeBriertyAvoca Beach
BradMitchellAvoca Beach
JohnPatersonAvoca Beach
DanielTamblynAvoca Beach
RichardBriertyAvoca Beach

Team Management:

  • Team Manager – Greg Heard

Australian U23 Pathway Surf Boat Team 2019

First Name Last NameSLS Club
AlyshaLerondNorth Cronulla
MaggieMahoneyNorth Cronulla
MadelineMcDonaldNorth Cronulla
HayleyUrquhartNorth Cronulla
JacksonFordNorth Cronulla
MattHammondNorth Cronulla
TomMaileyNorth Cronulla
MatthewWorkmanNorth Cronulla
MarkMcDonaldNorth Cronulla

Team Management:

Team Manager – Ian Martin