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as the SLSA President Elected Director at today’s AGM. “It is a great honour and privilege to have been re-appointed to the role of SLSA President,” Graham said.

“I am thrilled to see the growth in our base membership over the last 12 months, made up of a similar number of males and females. This demonstrates that our organisation continues to be highly relevant and valued by our members, stakeholders and the community.”

“Our main goals for the next term are to make the lives of our volunteer members easier, engage with the membership to look beyond 2020 and develop a set of strategic goals for the organisation. Together these will move us closer to our vision of zero preventable deaths in Australian waters.”

“It is hugely exciting to see some of the technological advances in lifesaving equipment and techniques, and combined with the ongoing enthusiasm of our volunteers, I am confident that SLSA will continue to lead the lifesaving and drowning prevention field both domestically and internationally.”

Graham was first elected as SLSA President in 2010 and is a Life Member and Patron of Bronte SLSC and President of the International Life Saving Federation.

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