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season. Throughout her 20-year career within the movement, her natural ability to lead and her enthusiasm has allowed her to become a natural ambassador, continuing to inspire others. Sandy’s skills in communication has improved both the club and culture and she has been involved in the development and testing of the Australian Surf Rowers League app. Her passion for surf boat rowing is shared with the youth of her club, where she has engaged and retained younger members to compete and improve their skills through awards. Sandy is a true asset and inspiration to her club, connecting Mullaloo SLSLC to the public.

Tracy Koch, Darwin SLSC, NT

Tracy’s strength lies with the younger generation of members within the Darwin surf lifesaving community. Tracy uses her skills as a swimming instructor to engage the younger members, developing new activities to develop their skills, build their fitness and strengthen their teamwork capabilities. Tracy’s organisational skills have led her to coordinate Nipper carnivals for the 2017 season and gain permits for local pools, Lake Alexandra and the Darwin waterfront. The young people of Darwin are lucky to have such a dedicated leader in Tracy.

Sam Milfull, Yeppoon SLSC, QLD

Sam’s motivation for Yeppoon SLSC is ‘fun, family and friends’ and his hard work during the past season engaging younger members has paid off, with junior member retention increasing by 64% from the previous season. Sam’s work in the Family Participation Program has seen new members gain awards and become active members. Sam’s commitment to the growth of the club has been outstanding, and his succession planning has set measures in place to enable continued growth and development across all levels of membership.

Cathy Cole, Terrigal SLSC, NSW

Cathy is an active member at Terrigal SLSC with an outstanding record of 21 years of 100% service. Over the past season, Cathy completed over 100 hours on patrol. A coach of five different disciplines, a trainer and assessor, Cathy’s 20 years of experience for her club and branch is invaluable. As local historian for Terrigal SLSC, Cathy researched and coordinated the ‘Honouring our First Female Lifesavers,’ a nationally recognised event awarding Bronze Medallions to the women who patrolled Central Coast beaches during the Second World War. As Director for Youth Services, Cathy is an inspirational leader for her club and local community.

Patrick Spinazzola, Torquay SLSC, VIC

Patrick’s vision for his club is to enhance and develop the club’s awards base. As Chief Trainer, Patrick has revitalised the way his club delivers training and raised the profile of training and assessment within the club. Patrick’s commitment to his club has spanned most areas of surf lifesaving, achieving well over 100 hours of patrol service, and personally contributing to around 700 awards. Patrick’s strength as a mentor have seen the recruitment of new surf boat crews and a state medal beach relay team. Patrick is the Torquay SLSC Membership and Leadership delegate, representing his club at Life Saving Victoria and using his knowledge to develop a leadership program for young members.

Peter Oborn, Henley SLSC, SA

Peter is an outstanding club member, surf lifesaver and volunteer. Peter demonstrates exceptional leadership and has overseen all operational and training aspects at Henley SLSC over the past season. Peter’s role as Club Captain, Lifesaving Operations Manager, Patrol Captain, assessor and trainer as well as duties on the board of management have enabled him to contribute widely across many areas of the club. Peter’s experiences within his professional life have led him to adopt a strong ‘prevention’ mantra which he instils throughout his surf lifesaving activities.

Allison Kable, Penguin SLSC, TAS

Allison has been integral in implementing change within her club. As Treasurer, and now President, Allison identified gaps in the patrol service attaining her Bronze Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate and IRB Crewman’s in one season to ensure patrols were sustainable and able to meet the club’s needs. Allison has been the main point of contact for the club, giving her the ability to grow membership. Allison has been responsible for implementing new accounting software to ease the transition of volunteers into administrative roles. Allison has worked collaboratively with other clubs to increase training and ensure the sustainability of local clubs.

DHL Club of the Year

Denmark SLSC, WA

Denmark SLSC has seen massive growth in membership through the recent season with a record number of 295 new members. The club has strengthened pathways for members both within the club and externally, working hard to create strong relationships with other clubs to provide a range of different experiences and opportunities. The trainers and assessors have delivered 63 awards to its members and have provided upskilling and requalification to numerous local schools, community organisations and businesses in the region. The club’s strategic plan has been shared with all members, which has helped to encourage and embed a culture of continuous improvement across the entire club.

Gove Peninsular SLSC, NT

Gove Peninsular SLSC has faced enormous adversity over the past season with two cyclones and a fire. The club also had to contend with one of the town’s largest employers closing, challenging even the toughest of members. Despite this adversity, the club has flourished. Gove Peninsular SLSC built and opened a new clubhouse, hosting the NT titles and winning the NT Championship and were even able to donate $30,000 to local clubs and charities. Gove Peninsular SLSC has successfully completed a one million dollar capital growth program, expanding their surf lifesaving services and remote beach patrols.

Yeppoon SLSC, QLD

The success and development of Yeppoon SLSC has seen increased recruitment and retention of new members by providing programs that are inclusive, enjoyable and engaging. Nipper membership has been the driving force behind the significant growth in club membership making up 65-80% of active members. The success of the programs has had an impact on their effectiveness in delivering the core business of keeping the beaches safe. The club has established itself as a hub within its local community for other not-for-profit organisations, often hosting Rotary events, as well as local running and swimming festivals.

Avalon SLSC, NSW

Central to Avalon SLSC club ethos is their policy of ‘One Club’. As a group they strive for excellence through leadership by example. The club adopted a strategic plan in 2017 which provided a detailed set of goals, strategies and performance indicators that set an ambitious set of targets across nine strategic priorities, from lifesaving, club development and sustainability, through to Nippers, and surf sports. Avalon SLSC prides itself on being rescue ready with a large member base also on the emergency call-out team. The opening of a new clubhouse has engaged the local community with such events as Christmas Carols at the Beach and the Lion Island Swim. Avalon SLSC is a pillar of the local community.

Portsea SLSC, VIC

Portsea SLSC successfully executed on their newly defined strategic intent to drive greater engagement through the club. The evolution of the club’s management structure has been critical to their success, and the club management load is now shared by more than 80 members, each accountable for their specific area of responsibility, with a clearly defined and agreed set of objectives and each with one eye on future succession. The club identified that the starting point for continuous improvement was getting the governance right. Improved governance within the club has embedded a culture which focuses on continual improvement. Portsea SLSC is the largest club in Victoria.

Seacliff SLSC, SA

Seacliff SLSC has a long and proud tradition of engaging actively with the community, exemplified by the Suneden Specialist School project, extending the Beach for All program and making Seacliff SLSC even more relevant to the broader beachgoing public. Seacliff SLSC also hosted the Swim-Paddle-Run community sports event with over 300 participants. The All-of-Club training program culminated in multiple titles at The Aussies. Seacliff SLSC has implemented a Seven Pillars of Success financial plan which has seen them generate $50,000 in grants and maintained five major club sponsors.

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