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as the club captain and chief instructor at Aspendale Life Saving Club, is an active patrolling member, and assists with water safety at nippers throughout the summer.

He has been a volunteer leader on numerous under 13 and 15 development camps over the last five years and has helped out with the Champion Junior Lifesaver program.

In 2014 Ben headed to Sri Lanka to teach lifesaving skills, and outside lifesaving has attended camps for Diabetes Victoria, and assists with fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis research.

His passion for surf lifesaving began when his brother said he should join a lifesaving club.

“I first became a volunteer patrol member in 2008 when my brother said I should join the lifesaving club because I’m missing out on all the fun on the beach every weekend,” he said.

“I started off completing my Surf Rescue Certificate and haven’t looked back since!”

Ben said there are many benefits in being a volunteer surf lifesaver.

“The best thing about it is being able to help others, whether it’s educating the public, teaching someone new skills, performing a rescue or first aid. All these things are super rewarding,” he said.

“Volunteering has given me the opportunity to develop personally and build confidence, along with helping to gain work experience and learn new skills.

“Everything I have learnt within lifesaving has definitely had a positive impact on other areas of my life.

“There are so many opportunities, so many awesome people to meet, so many valuable life skills to learn and so much fun to be had as a volunteer lifesaver.

“Find a pathway you love within lifesaving and it’ll be one of the best choices you make.”

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