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a number of swimmers being dragged out in a rip at the northern end of Kelly’s Beach.

John grabbed a racing board that was stored in their house, while Marilyn called her son Riley who lives nearby to come and assist.

John paddled out retrieving the most distressed swimmer, with Riley arriving and swimming out with a rescue tube to the furthest swimmer and returning them to shore.

Once John had returned the first swimmer, he paddled back out and retrieved two more swimmers bringing them back into shore safely.

Riley’s partner Jessie Rodgers and his mother Marilyn provided care for the patients as Riley returned to the water to search for what they believed to be another missing person, with the assistance of some members of the public.

However, it was subsequently confirmed that all patients had been safely returned to shore, so the search was called off.

Without the quick thinking of John and Marilyn, and John and Riley remaining calm and applying their surf lifesaving skills, the outcome would have been much different for the four swimmers.

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